Family Literacy


Our free Family Literacy programs are offered to introduce parents to the importance of early literacy in their children’s lives. Parents who participate in our family literacy programs not only enhance their children’s learning, but also improve their own literacy skills. A benefit for the whole family!



Literacy is the foundation for all our learning and is part of life, whether at home, at work or in social situations. Family Literacy refers to the way parents, children and extended family members engage with each other in reading, writing and fun literacy activities. Using the everyday routines of life to play and learn together promotes literacy and healthy relationships within the family, which will then encourage an attitude of lifelong learning.

We offer Family Literacy programs:

  • In partnership with local parent/child focused organizations.
  • For English Language Learners and their children ages 0-6 years, in partnership with local elementary schools.

Our Family Literacy programs are based on the following models from the Centre for Family Literacy.

  • Books for Babies
  • Rhymes that Bind
  • Books Offer Our Kids Success
  • Literacy and Parenting Skills

Programs run at various times throughout the year. Please contact the office for information.